Online Reward Chart

Something for your 21st Century toddlers and small children….the online reward chart.

From Alpha Mummy in the The Times:

“In an era where you have a magazine designed specifically for your iPhone, is it any wonder that motivational kids’ star charts have gone digital?

Kidspoints is a newly launched (free) site that allows kids and parents to set up online interactive star charts with awards. You create an account and set up a chart with your goals to tally up each day. I avoided the rewards store where you can select toys for the child to earn (akin to paying for good grades where I come from). Instead we created our own reward – an extra ice lolly.

You can upload your own pictures to personalise your chart and the site has music, an animated racecar that charts the child’s progress and plenty of bells and whistles. Naturally the good old-fashioned paper-and-gold-sticker version still works fine. But for kids who are getting interested in using computers and learning rudimentary online tools, this will appeal.

It’s not yet available in an iPhone version, but who knows? Watch this space.

Ummm I don’t like to point out to Alpha Mummy that by having Safari on the iPhone you can access the site and use it on the go without there being a specific iPhone version, but that’s just me being picky :).  But this would be fabulous for flights, holidays and trips out.  So I’m going to try this site out on Miss L and I’ll report back to let you know how effective it is.

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  1. Wow, that is so cool. Do you think my kids a too old for that? I wish they had that when they were little. It looks like lots of fun learning. I’ll be sure to pass on this info to other moms with young’uns. Thanks. =)