Hiding a Dog Run

The dog run* is now up and Betty loves having her own home but…….IT”S SO ORANGE AND BIG!

So what to do?

I’m thinking of painting it this pale green

Cuprinol Garden Shades

And then growing some climbers over it and putting lavenders or rosemary around it?  Any ideas what else I can do disguise it?  All ideas welcome!

*The company the supplied it were useless.  I ordered it in late July for early September, they lost the order and then promise to deliver it the next week then took nearly 3 weeks to deliver it despite numerous calls and e-mails from me.  Their customer service people with the exception of one girl, just seemed disinterested and never replied to phone calls and messages.
Oh and then they forgot to send the roof.  So I’ve given up and asked my handyman to just make one up which bless him he did.  Honestly I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, I was really disappointed and at one point was asking for my money back they were so appalling and I’ve never done that before so that’s how bad they were!.  So I’m just grateful to have the darn thing up now!
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  1. Ooh- it is very orange, isn’t it! Painting it is a great idea, and I like the color you’ve chosen. Once you get some climbers on it will look like it’s been there forever. Do Wisteria grow in your part of the world? They can take some time to get going, but once they do they are the most beautiful flowering plant of all! My in-laws have a garage that is similar to your dog hut, and having wisteria on it makes all the difference. They’ve also planted spirea along the sides, so they get some good bushiness from below, too.

  2. Wisteria!!! Now why didn’t I think of that? Perfect 🙂 I have one growing up the apple tree next to it…now white or blue??