Emma Bridgewater & Cath Kidston Bargains

How cute are these?

I was in TX Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US – why the letter change???) last week and I spotted these across the homewear section.  I may have elbowed a couple of people out of the way in order to get to them 🙂

But they were a bargain, £4.99 for the biscuit tin and £1.99 for the coffee tin.  On the Emma Bridgewater site the coffee tin is £5.00 and the biscuit tin isn’t even on there anymore!  Much to my own self disgust I dithered about picking up the cake tins to match as they were £9.00 (£24.00 on the website) and I wasn’t sure I’d use them, so I left them on the shelf……went back 10 minutes later and they were gone! Poop!

But my wandering around the store wasn’t a total loss, I found some Cath Kidston Sheets which were reduced from £65 down to £16!  They aren’t my usual taste, but they’ll be perfect in Miss L’s room as she’s into large colourful flowers at the moment and I was right as she insisted they went onto her bed as soon as I got home with them.

I’ll be heading back there later this week to start my Christmas shopping as there are some perfect inexpensive token gifts and emergency gifts. I always like to have a couple in the cupboard in case I get caught short, which seems to happen every year.

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  1. Excellent finds! I loooooovvvvveee TJ Maxx. We have a TJ Maxx/Home Goods store that is more home goods than apparel. They have some great deals.

    I have an emergency gift cupboard also. I stock it all year with bargains I find. It always comes in handy at christmas time for unexpected friends, family, friends of friends etc…

  2. GREAT finds! I never spot stuff this cool at the bargain stores here in the States. And your daughter has excellent taste- those sheets are PERFECT for a little lady’s room! They’re girly but not too frou-frou. LOVE!