Going Home

diamond geezers photostream on Flickr
Photo Credit:diamond geezer's photostream on Flickr

This weekend we are going back to my hometown to visit friends who have recently had a baby girl and yes we have spoilt her rotten! 🙂

It seems a little odd still calling this place home as I’ve been up here 7 years now, but this is the view I dream of.  Rolling hills, trees everywhere, so much green.  My favourite thing in the world as a child was watching storms roll in across the valley.  It’s hard to believe this is 9 miles from London!

But this valley is where I played  when I was Miss L’s age, in a time when you’re parents didn’t notice if you were gone from dawn till dusk and you could make forts where you wanted.  I’m so looking forward to taking Miss L there and showing her it.

I’m just sorry she’s doesn’t  have the same freedom I did, the world isn’t such a kind place 30 years later.

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  1. What you said Liz about how things have changed in life where we are more cautious about our children is so true. Its sad that life has to be that way, but our children are learning new ways to deal with the change. I guess we just have to follow their lead =).

  2. Have a wonderful visit. I love the image and wish that was where my kids could have fun and play and be free….from dawn til dusk.