Anne of Green Gables

I’m 36 and I love L.M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables there I’ve said it 🙂

I first read the story when I was about 9 and I have a sneaky suspicion my desire to live in Canada stems purely from Anne’s tales.  Paul wants to live in Vancouver (which I love too) but I keep looking at Prince Edward Island and Halifax, which makes no sense whatsoever. There isn’t any work for us there but I’m still drawn to it, no matter how much he tries to talk me out it.

But back to Anne, it’s interesting that the friends I’ve made as an adult when we’ve gotten around to talking about childhood favourite books, generally they turn out to be ‘Kindred Spirits’ and love Anne too.

In fact only two weeks ago I mailed my friend Patricia in Miami with the URL of the property below, with the the words ‘It’s in Avonlea!!!’ in the header, minutes later I had the reply of ‘OMG!!  Let’s buy it!!’- she was serious.

Avondale Home

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So I was delighted to find out that Anne is being re-released by Puffin Classics with the artwork and introduction done by Lauren Child who created ‘Charlie and Lola’. We are huge ‘Charlie and Lola’ fans in this house and Miss L adores all of Miss Child’s books, so I look forward to getting her this version of Anne.

I’ve just added it to the Violet Posy Book Store so if you’ve never read it, or you want to read it to your children, check it out.

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  1. Liz,
    I have similar feelings. I love Canada too. Probably because its cooler and greener than where I live. But I’ve been to Vancouver, and it just seemed people were more environmentally aware and there is lots of diverse culture. About Anne of Green Gables, did you watch the movie with Meaghan Fellowes? I had a Canadian friend loan me her DVD, and my daughter and I watched it over and over again. I’ll have to check out the new animated version. Thanks.

  2. I adore Vancouver and I agree with you, it is much more environmentally aware than anywhere else I’ve been. Yes I did watch the series with Meaghan Fellows, it was on here on the BBC when I was about 14 – wasn’t it great. I’d love to watch it again with Lily when she’s older. I think she’ll really enjoy it.