Gwyneth Paltrow is launching her own lifestyle website called Goop.

I’m not her biggest fan, but I like her in interviews and she has an original style  We have children of similar ages and are both married to curly haired geeks.  However my husband is not a musical genius or a mutimillionare, which is where the similarities end!

I’ve just had a look and I adore the site, simple and beautiful.  The useability needs some work, but I’m guessing that’s because it’s only the holding page.  I don’t know why she launched with just one page – seems a bit odd.  I’ve signed up for the newsletter so I look forward to seeing more of what will be on the site.  I’ll add a link if it’s any good?

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  1. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for the info. I don’t like Gwyneth either but her style is interesting. I’ll check out her site.

  2. Aaagghhh, now I am going to have to look at it. I don’t like her and I didn’t want to like her website. What a dumb name, Goop. 🙂

  3. Hmmm…Gwynnie is one of my “hate to love/love to hate” celebs. She does seem truly beautiful both inside and out….but there’s just something about here that rubs me wrong. Can’t put my finger on it. And did you see her on Oprah talking about how she never diets? Ugh…

    Still, though, the write-up on the site seems honest and pleasant enough. It will be interesting to see where she goes with this!

  4. LOL! I think Gwynnie’s just one of those people who seems to perfect to be true..there must be some darkness and scandal in there somewhere 🙂 But I’m with you I’ll be interested to see where this goes. Maybe she’s a Martha in waiting?