Relaxed Lunch and Lost Puppies

I’m making the most of my last week of not working.  As I start next Wednesday, I thought that I’d have a relaxing lunch with Paul down by the river as he was working from home today.  It was such a lovely day I took a photo of the river, pretty isn’t it.

The Great Ouse

Then I took Betty for a walk over the fields behind my house and that’s where my relaxed day ended!

Fields behind my house

Just as I got back to my house, I saw a woman and a little boy with a puppy running after them.  The puppy had no collar or lead and was running into the road.  I was about to tell the woman off, when she asked for help.

It turns out the Staffordshire puppy had jumped out of some bushes several roads away and had followed them.  Her little boy was becoming quite distressed as he was scared of it, so could I help?  As we were in front of my house, I told her I’d take the puppy and call my vet as I could look after her until the owner was found.

So I called the vet, whilst Betty and the puppy ran around my garden like mad things and they asked me to bring her down to them as she had no collar.  Fortunately the puppy was micro-chipped and they are now looking after her until the owner can be contacted.  I hope they contact them tonight, as it must be so distressing to have lost such a sweet dog.  Also we’ve had some cases of Staffordshire Puppies being stolen in this area, so I hope the owner isn’t worrying that the puppy was taken.

However I’ve told the vets that if they can’t find the owner, or if she’s been dumped to call me….she was very pretty and sweet……and I’d rather keep her than have her put in a pound….shhhh don’t tell Paul! 🙂

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  1. I was tempted! But when Paul saw her he said ‘you’re not keeping her’ he knows me too well! But no word from the vets yet, so maybe she was dumped?Sadly it’s happening more often with the credit crunch hitting. I’ll call them in the morning, just incase 😉