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As you can probably tell, it’s Saturday and I’m having a surfing day.  Miss L’s currently obsessed with Mythbusters and Paul’s engrossed in a game of Civ and Betty’s crashed out in the kitchen – so I’m free!! 🙂

So here is the round up of all the very cool articles and other things I’ve found today…

First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS to Jody & Chip and their beautiful family over at Nitty Gritty on the birth of their son Crew Tillman. They’ve been through so much and I wish them great joy with their new baby.

Children & Home

A new blog I’ve come across is Inchmark written by Brooke Reynolds who is the Senior Art Editor at Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Kids. So you have an inkling of how good this blog is!  Her idea to put your children’s funny comments into a ‘quotes jar’ to keep is possibly one of the cutest inspired ideas I’ve ever seen.  I’m adding her to my Link list and popping her onto my Google Reader.

Simple Lovely has the most lovely Woodland Fairy birthday party for a little girl, I’m hiding this from Miss L as I might borrow the idea for her birthday next year.

The Old Painted Cottage has just put up the September ‘Cottage of the Month’ I love her site and I want my house to look like this cottage – it’s fabulous!


The Vintage Magpie, I love her site and look she has done a bunny called ‘Posy’….I don’t think I can talk Paul into a second wedding 😉

Pink and Polka Dot’s laziest slipcover tutoral had me at laziest and no iron (I don’t iron EVER!!).  It’s brillaintly simple even for novices like me and I’m going to try this method with re-covering my Chaise Longue.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

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