The difference a day makes

As you can see below yesterday was not a good day for me, however today is a different story.  It started with all the lovely comments I got yesterday, it was so kind of people to think of me and drop me a line x

But this morning it was a beautiful autumnal day and Betty and I went for a walk.  We came across the beautiful field of sunflowers in the picture above.  I think the kindness, exercise, the scenery and cute dog put me back into my normal mood 🙂

Then the BEST thing happened.  My phone rang and it was my friend’s boss, he has a construction firm in town and….

He offered me a JOB!!!

Working 2 days a week doing all his marketing online and offline. It’s perfect (well except I know little about marketing so this weekend I’ll be giving myself a crash course reading everything I can find). But it’s 5 minutes from Miss L’s school, I can do whatever 2 days I like and I can work from home if I want!!  I’m thrilled 🙂

So it does prove that other people’s kindness really does make a difference, thank you all.


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  1. Have you got any tips? I can do the website for them, but I’m not sure about the offline stuff. I need to read a *LOT* this weekend! x