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Mom in High Heels (who I think has the best blog name ever!) has tagged me for 7 Obscure Things About Me Meme…….I’ve never been tagged before either so I’m all happy – thanks x πŸ™‚

Okay don’t think I’m too weird!

1. I’m British and I hate tea – seriously it makes me feel sick!

2. When I was about 3 we lived in some flats that had been built on the site of Victorian mansion that had burnt down. Not long after we moved there I started playing with a little boy called Gervaise.Β  My family thought it was cute that I had an imaginary playmate, it got to the point my Dad would even lay a place for him at the table.Β  I recently on a whim looked up the 1881 Census for the house that was there before and there was a boy living there aged 6….. Gervaise!…..my Mum is now rather freaked out πŸ™‚Β  I think it’s sweet he played with me, all I remember is lots of laughter.

3. I love travelling, and when I was young and single I used to try and take at least 5 holidays a year. I’m glad I did now, I met so many cool people!

4. I met two of my dearest friends on an X-Files ‘shipper Board about 12 years ago.Β  Although they are in the US and I’m in the UK we’ve been on holiday together many times, been to each other’s weddings, and had babies together and I love them both dearly πŸ™‚

5.Β  I collect Sid Dickens tiles and have done since I lived briefly in Vancouver in 1997 – love ’em!

6.Β  I have what my husband calls ‘The Superpower’ which basically means I can be left with anyone for less than 5 minutes and in that time I’ve been told their deepest secrets and their entire life story!Β  For example on Tuesday I met an old man in the reception of the place I was having the job interview.Β  I was waiting with him for 10 minutes and in that time, I found out where he grew up, about his wife who cheated on him in 1969, about the lady he’s lived with since 1973 and his prostate issues!Β  It makes going on public transport next to impossible.

7.Β  I have ‘Christmas Colours’ – every year I have a theme colour and woe betide anyone who breaks the colour rule with their wrapping paper! Luckily all our friends and family indulge me.Β  Worryingly Miss L thinks this is a great idea and is in charge of setting the colour this year – I could end up with a pink tree πŸ™‚

So I’m going to choose 7 people at Random from my comments too (sorry if any of you have been tagged before) and they are:


Bella@Bella Casa

Karla & Karrie

Linda@Restyled Home

Amy@Amy from Texas

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

laura @ the shorehouse

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  1. Well, I just got some serious chills over the Gervaise story!

    I didn’t know you were allowed to dislike tea in England? I’ve been there a couple of times and our hosts were always plying me with tea, which I don’t like at all, either. I didn’t want to offend them. I’ll just stay with you next time. πŸ˜‰

    This is a fun meme. Thanks for tagging me. Not sure I can come up with anything nearly as interesting as yours, though! -Julia

  2. Awesome story about your childhood playmate.

    I have christmas colors also. My family thinks I am nuts. If someone deviates from the color scheme I put the present under the tree in the back where it doesn’t mess with the aesthetics.

  3. Julia – Yes I think disliking tea if you’re British could actually get you thrown out of the country πŸ™‚ Nothing better than a really good cup of fresh roasted coffee imho! Come stay here πŸ˜‰

    Bella – thanks for playing πŸ™‚

    Janet – woo hoo! someone else who has Christmas colours, we can’t be alone can we? I must admit I do the same thing with presents that aren’t wrapped ‘appropriately’ in the right colours. Does that make us bad people? πŸ˜‰

  4. At risk of being tagged, I leave a comment! Just found your blog through a comment you left on Inspired Home and completely enjoyed “meeting you” today! I love your “SUPER POWER” and fear I might be cursed (or blessed depending on the situation) with a similiar one!
    Toma, Aka The Antiques Diva (TM)

  5. Hi Toma – Welcome to Violet Posy, lovely to have you here! I love your site btw – it’s gorgeous!

    LOL! Glad to meet someone else with the ‘Superpower’, it can be really interesting and useful can’t it? But I find I don’t need it when I’m trying to get the shopping and the checkout girl is telling me about her evil ex-husband – that happens a lot! πŸ˜‰


  6. OMG…That Gervaise story is the best. The BEST! A store called “Paranormal Books & Curiousities” just opened by the shore house and the owner would love, LOVE that story. I’ll be sharing with her…it will make her day.

    And you’ve tagged me! πŸ™‚ My life is one big obscurity so this should be fun!