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I’m at home with Miss L today as she’s still got a cold and feeling very sorry for herself, so we’re drinking hot chocolate and snuggled under the gigantic blankey.
macinates photostream on Flickr
Photo Credit: macinate's photostream on Flickr

I was going to send her into school today, but they have swimming with no parent helpers and as she’s 5 and not terribly good at drying or dressing herself and it’s about 50 degrees here I decided to keep her home.  It didn’t seem worth getting her even sicker for a day at school.

Anyway as I’m stuck on the sofa warming her up and being tortured with ‘My Friends Tigger and Pooh’, i thought I’d post my favorite articles that I’ve come across recently.

Home and Decorating

For all us parents who have bedrooms which have become the dumping ground of the family, there is a brilliant article on The Inspired Room which explains how to de-clutter and let it become ‘your’ room again.

Apartment Therapy has a really beautiful article about small space living….in a garbage truck!  It has a better kitchen than I do 🙂

Halloween is nearly here and check out this cute post on the Nesting Place

Sadie Olive’s creative space……I want!

Children & Family

I just love Amanda Soule’s blog, it’s informative, aspirational and just downright pretty.  It’s as close as I’ll ever be to being an earth mother, her book is the only one on my bedside table. But I was pleased to see Amanda has just discovered the delights of The River Cottage Family Cookbook which is in the Violet Posy Book Store as it’s just the best family cookbook.  My friend Jenna bought it for me a couple of years back as it was released here back in 2005 and it’s fabulous!  Read Amanda’s thoughts on it here she loves it as much as me – yea!

Simple Mom has a good article for us control freak mothers who never let children help out with the housework whilst we moan about it….yes that would be me!  But Miss L is now in charge of folding the washing when it comes out of the dryer…of course it’s done in the ‘fashion way’ and not the ‘olden times’ way like I do it.  But it’s made her very happy to have some responsibility 🙂

So when your children get a certain age and we are reaching that point, how to reuse their baby furniture.  Ohdeedoh have a lovely piece about re-using a child’s chair


How adorable are these?  Alicia Paulson has the most lovely blog and I’m really looking forward to reading her book.   I’m just about to add it to my book shop 🙂

Matthew Mead, we don’t get his magazine here in the UK ::SOB::  but his website seems to have a lot of good ideas anyway – hurrah! Oh and he dedicated his Halloween Magazine to the lovely Linda at Restyled Home how cool is that?

I hope you enjoy all the articles x

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  1. Great links, I can’t wait to check them all out after I take my daughter to school. Enjoy your snuggle day. I am very jealous. That photo of the coffee makes me want to crawl back into my jammies.

    And I want Sadie Olive’s office too!