Lavender Bags

Paul bought me a sewing machine!!!  The last time I used a sewing machine was I think in 1983 and I was thrown out of the sewing class at school for breaking 4 in a row.  I swear the machine’s just didn’t like me!

Anyway my new sewing machine is small and cheap (£25 thanks Tesco’s!) but it should be ok for making basic things.  I’m really excited!  So the first thing I’m going to make are some lavender bags as small Christmas presents for Miss L’s great grandmothers.

Miss L and I harvested the lavender from the garden and it’s now tied into bunches and hanging in the airing cupboard much like the ones below only not as pretty!

I’m going to look on ebay for small Cath Kidston scraps to fill and then make some hearts and small pillow shapes.  Even I should be able to do that 🙂  I’ll post the results when we’ve finished making them.

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