Mini Gallery Wall

Morning Everyone, thanks for stopping by 🙂  Here is my mini Gallery Wall for the fabulous ‘The Inspired Room’

I’ve got a bit fed up of having picture frames on work surfaces, they just fall over every time Miss L bumps into them – which is a lot.  So having seen gorgeous gallery walls on the Pottery Barn site and around various blogs such as Abbey goes Design Scouting I decided to put one behind our big Sofa in the lounge.


Comfortable but very dull
Comfortable but very dull

The Makeover:

I’d been buying ‘Ribba’ frames from Ikea for a while in different shapes, sizes but in Oak and Cream because I thought they looked good together.  They are fairly inexpensive but do look clean and simple.

Now I’m not one of these people who is very good with measuring tapes or a leveller, I just tend to bash nails in the wall and hope for the best!  I drive Paul nuts, but if I banish him from the room while I’m doing it everything tends to look ok.  But this was actually bit of a challenge and it took me most of last night to get right.  And I’ve left room for more additions.

So in hindsight I’d arrange how the were supposed to look first, rather than being artistic and hoping that it looked ok in the end – LOL!  But that is the joy of the gallery wall it’s not supposed to be perfect and if you have different frames, I think that they’d look pretty ecclectic and interesting.

The Result:

A little brighter
A little brighter
All my favourite photos
All my favourite photos


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  1. Oh, no! I’d freak out if a mouse showed up in my Lily’s bedroom like it did in yours. The last time we had a mouse, we still had our cat, and she took care of it. Now that the cat’s no longer with us, I guess we’d have to do the job ourselves.

    Love your photos on the wall. That mix of frames looks great together! -Julia

  2. LOL! You should have heard me scream when I saw it! Lily’s room is now back together and looking as it should. Glad you like the frames, I’m really pleased with them. ~ Liz

  3. Photo walls like that are great, you can always add more pics to the gallery wall as you desire! Aren’t mice creepy? We’ve had them before. Eeww. A good trap with a bit of peanut butter always does the trick! 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh on the mouse. We’ve had a few, well, issues at our place. But only (as far as I know?) in our basement laundry room. Ew, never the less. Good thing your husband saw it!

    Great work on your gallery, I am just like you. I banish my hubby from the room and go to work experimenting. He, on the other hand, would take far too long and do things like draw templates and use a measuring tape. Imagine that?

    Happy day & happy nesting! Thanks for linking!


  5. One of the many joys of living in the country … occasional mouse! :o) We have three cats indoors and we have had a couple incidents where their hunting skills were put to the test! :o)
    I really like the wall display of pictures! Especially the different color frames!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  6. Thanks for all your kind messages. I spent the morning fixing Lily’s bedroom with an eye out in case there were anymore mice, I think I’m paranoid now – LOL! I miss having a cat, Betty’s gigantic and Labradors aren’t great mousers 🙂

    Melissa my husband is the same, he would have made a template for all the frames and then measured the wall – it would have taken days!! You should see him when I’m trying to fix up my Sid Dickens tiles….that said he’s not seen the wall behind them yet – oops! ~ Liz x

  7. Terri – thank so much it’s lovely you to leave a message 🙂

    Laura – LOL! I could do with borrowing a mouser dog, mine just likes to play with them 🙂

    Liz x