Gardening Weekend

So it was the August Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK and as always is rained!  But it didn’t stop us from trying to tame our garden and start the installation of the dog run for Betty.

It looks like I’ll be returning to work in September/October as I’m job hunting at the moment (wish me luck and if you know anyone who wants an IT Manager, send them my way!).  So although Paul works from home a couple of days a week, we need somewhere to pop Betty during the day.  She can’t stay in the house on her own as she’s still eating everything in sight as the state of the kitchen will attest to and she’s far too big to go into a crate.  She’s not bored that dog has more toys than my daughter, she just loves to chew on anything that’s not moving and she could give the famous Marley a run for his money some days.

So we decided to get her a dog run, it’s very plush!  She’ll have a 6ft by 4ft kennel – with stable door! and then a 6ft by 6ft run area which has a roof so she’s protected from the elements and it arrives at the beginning of September.  It’ll look like this when it’s up:

I was a bit wary at first until every friend I know who has a dog, pointed out that they all have run’s and I was nuts for worrying about it – she’ll still be in here as soon as I get home and sleeping indoors.  So having visited and seen how happy the dogs were I decided that my baby…sorry gigantic puppy could have one 🙂

So I decided to put the run beside the apple tree and hidden by some bushes so it can’t be seen from the road, but it’s still close to the house for easy access.  But we had to clear the area of roses, clematis and peonies, so my parents kindly offered to help do the clearing and to help put in the base of the run.  And my Dad the star that he is also decided to trim the hedges in the garden and Mum cleared the patio of the mess Betty had created there over the last year.  Betty loves to eat pots and dig out anything that maybe in them for eating – so you can imagine the state the patio had got in and I had just given up with it.

So we all got stuck in and managed to tame pretty much all 160ft of the garden (it seemed like such a good idea to buy a house with a big garden at the time!) and we’re really pleased with the result.

Here’s the base – which has more floor space than my kitchen!:

and here’s Betty’s pawprint in the cement!

I’ll put up more pictures when we install the run.

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