Build a Bear

When my daughter was little my husband and I went on a trip to Covent Garden for the weekend and feeling like bad parents we hit the Build a Bear store, so we would’t be empty handed on our return.  As much as she loved ‘Sally Mally’ as she called her gorgeous Pumpkin Bear, she wasn’t that bothered about making another one, she was 3 and happy with her lot.

But this summer she’s a grown up 5 and when she got her Nintendo for our trip to Canada, I bought her the ‘Build a Bear’ game and she loved making bears and having adventures and it kept her quiet on the plane for a whole 6 hours of the 9 hour flight! It’s quite hard to find an appropriate game for small children with the DS but this one seems quite intuitive and she picked it up in no time.

About a week into the Vancouver trip we came across the ‘Build a Bear‘ store in Colquitlam and she saw in the flesh the bear, well Poodle she’d made on her Nintendo! ‘Rose’ is now a firm favourite in our household and Miss L is obsessed with her, they go everywhere together and Rose is even learning gymnastics this summer holidays!

We were online the other day and we were looking at the Build a Bear site as we were finding out when our local store opens here in the UK and we found ‘Build a Bearville’.  It’s a really good children’s online anonymous environment for them to learn how to navigate, chat and earn money to buy things for their bears. So the obsession continues, I suspect Rose and Sally Mally will be getting another friend really soon!

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