Sites to Share

I’ve been negelecting sharing new blog’s I’ve popped on my favourite bookmark list in the last couple of weeks:

I was looking for inspiration last night for a gallery wall.  I have our wedding photos, Miss L’s school photos and baby shots currently in the cardboard frames they came home in.  My mother gives me a despairing look every time she sees them!  However Abbey Goes Design Scouting had *28* yes *28* shots of Gallery Walls for inspiration.  She’s also got lots of other beautiful pictures and ideas on her site.  So this afternoon I’m going to hanging my own gallery – thanks Abbey!

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this site before, so forgive me if I have (I have serious lack of sleep issues at the moment).  But this has been a favourite site of mine for a while – it’s even on the Google Reader so I can read it in bed on my iPhone when I can’t sleep!

The Inspired Room – Melissa just takes the best photos and makes me think about how a room should look with new eyes.  I look forward to seeing her daughter’s wedding photos, I’m sure they will be amazing!

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