Green Cleaning

So let me preface this post with the fact that I have tried *every* cleaning product ever produced in the UK.  And although I like to use ‘green’ products, I find invariably that I have to use half a bottle to clean the way that bleach does in seconds.  So I always end up coming back to bleach and I do hate myself for it!

But today I am a happy woman, I saw Method in Homebase at the weekend and because it had a pretty bottle, I bought it – LOL!

So cleaning the bathroom this morning, I thought I’d give it a whirl and it ‘s the best thing ever!  Seriously my shower is generally disgusting, we have hard water and it’s a nightmare to get the grime off without chucking a ton of bleach on it and letting it steep for 30 minutes.  Not today, sprayed on the tub and tile and watched the grime rundown the wall instantly….I’m in love 🙂

So you can imagine I’m pretty happy to find out that the product is ‘green’ and works, no more bleach for me. They also  do children’s bath products, now maybe my daughter will be as clean as my bathroom!

If you’re interested check out their blog ‘people against dirty’

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  1. Hi there

    Great blog!

    I just wondered if you had seen a great new eco site called that sells the ENTIRE Method range?

    It also sells a wide range of eco goods and gives tips on how to save energy and water and help save the planet!

    We work on their PR, so could be bias, but it is a great site with handy tips and some fantastic products!!