So this morning I woke up to this beautiful post from Restyled Home on my Google Reader (btw why don’t more blogs have an RSS streams?).  Linda has created the most amazing playhouse for her daughter, it absolutely gorgeous.

Well….Miss L has been largely ignoring the playhouse we put in the garden for her when she was two, she never ever uses it.  I would have given all my toys and pets for a playhouse when I was her age, but we lived in a flat and there was no way to have one.  So as you can imagine I was desperate for Miss L to have her own cottage and then she didn’t want it – I was heartbroken! (living through your children is always a mistake!)

But this morning I showed her Linda’s post and she was *really* interested and kept talking about it.  So I asked her about her playhouse and it soon became apparent that she didn’t see it as her space (more mine – oops!).  So we set about changing it today so she sees it as her ‘home’ rather than the dumping ground it had become.

Before: Where the outdoor toys were kept.

Time to clean – Miss L especially liked cleaning the front door ‘step’

Completed! 2 hours later Curtains hung, furniture in place, storage, somewhere to chill and listen to music

Welcome Mat..

The pillow area for ‘relaxations’ and music listening

The make and do table / tea party area

The new shabby chic clock from TK Maxx with walls ready for decorating

More seating and storage, with brand new pink stereo!

So thanks to Linda Miss L has her own space and I have some of my house back to myself 🙂  Thanks for the inspiration!

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  1. We’ve been playing in it all week and she had her first tea party today with some friends. It’s been a real hit – thanks Linda!