Cath Kidston and Tesco’s

I’ve just got back from out trip to Vancouver and what do I find?  Tesco’s and Cath Kidston have teamed up to sell charity shopping totes!  (Funnily enough I was talking to my husband just before we left and I was saying that Waitrose should do exactly what Tesco’s have done!).

They are £3.50 each and 50p goes to Marie Curie, I managed to buy two of the blue spotty ones this morning from my local Tesco’s but the flower ones were sold out.  Apparently there is going to be another 4 designs coming out later in the year.  Enjoy and catch them while you can!

(oh and according to the owner of a Home Store I found in Vancouver that stocks some old Cath Kidston items, the American’s ‘just don’t get her style – it’s too eccentric’?!?!?)

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