London Trip

So yesterday we had a ‘grown up’ day and went to London, mainly so we could go and see the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium (which was a great concert btw).

Here’s a shot of the stadium it was packed.

We were staying in Marylebone which turned out to have a Cath Kidston which had some really lovely girls working in there, very helpful and kind.  We walked past Jane Packer’s uber Florist shop which I just loved, here’s an example of her work:

Emma Bridgewater’s shop I was really looking forward to as I’d not been before, but the staff were very unfriendly and standoffish, so I think I’ll carry on going to John Lewis for bits and bobs from there.

Little White Company was just gorgeous and I bought Miss L a really beautifully embroidered linen nighty, which was a bit hit when I got home.

The hotel was Jury’s which was very boutique but the room was really plush, with excellent staff and centrally located and it wasn’t terribly expensive for a Central London hotel, I’d certainly recommend it and we’ll be going back again.

But we got into London at midday and we couldn’t check in until 2.30pm, so I dragged my long suffering lovely husband to see Sex in the City movie.  Bless him he really is a saint, Cath Kidston and Sex in the City in one weekend – what a man!!

Now I loved Sex in the City when it was on, I just adored it and I’ve been missing the girls.  But I’d not really seen much about the movie as I’ve been busy with sorting out the website.   My best friend in the US had e-mailed me after she’d seen it just saying ‘ I miss you!!’ and now I know why.

It was PERFECT!  I laughed, I cried (a lot!) and it’s stayed with me I really want to see it again and that’s the sign of a good film for me. If I can go through the endless nightmare that it is for us to get a babysitter so I can go and see a film I’ve already seen, then I know it’s good 🙂

Here are my thoughts  (*****SPOILERS******)

Charlotte – love her!  My favourite bit was when she shouted at Big after the aborted wedding, and I actually cheered when she shouted at him pregnant in the street – hilarious!

Carrie – I liked the dark hair, loved the blue in the new apartment, and the wedding dress scenes ::SIGH::  I want to get married again…I actually cried when she got the Vivienne Westwood dress 🙂

Samantha – She’s my favourite, not only does she have an iPhone (like me!)  She spoon feeds her friends in need and can call anyone to get something done – both of which I’ve done at somepoint.

Miranda – I swear that one of my friends (and you know who you are!) is Miranda and for that I love her.

Louise – what a great addition, I thought it a shame there wasn’t more interaction between her and the other characters, Carrie’s assistant would talk to her friends wouldn’t she?!?  Just a minor gripe.

The thing with SATC is that all the characters are more than one dimensional and you care about them.  The film is genuinely charming and worth a watch.  I can’t wait until I can buy it on DVD – roll on the sequel!

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  1. Oh how I miss Marylebone High Street. Loving all your rose and peony pics too. Hate the Foo Fighters though, so we’re not quite twins….

  2. I’m more of a South London girl, so I had no idea Marylebone High Street was so lovely. Handy to know as I live up in Cambridgeshire now and it’s easier to get into Kings Cross.

    I must admit the Foo Fighters was more for my hubby than me, he needed some Testosterone after being dragged to SATC 🙂

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