Sports Day

So the big day finally came and it was Miss L’s first Sports Day. Now she’s been looking forward to this since she started nursery as she is competitive child 🙂

But it was a great day, the kids loved it and Miss L came second in two races which she was really excited about.

The day ended with strawberries and cream and rolling down hills, getting covered in grass which was hilarious to watch.

(This is my first test post from Flickr in preparation for the big holiday – hope it works)

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Fabulous News

I’ve finally got some work!!!  A friend who works at a local construction company recomended me to her boss and he liked what I’d done previously so has hired me to do his company’s website and mail out brochures!

THANKGOD!  With the cost of petrol, food and my daughter needing a whole new school uniform (she’s grown out of the one I bought her the begining of this year!)  I needed to earn some cash.  PHEW!  So I’m going to start it when I get back from my holiday and I need to buy my friend some flowers 🙂

Also because I’ve not had a lot to do recently I’ve been working on the mock up of the Violet Posy homewear site, which I have to say is looking pretty fab.

Wish me luck on getting more work!

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Weekly Roundup

As always here is my weekly round up of lovely blogs and good things I’ve found this week surfing.  As you can tell my theme this week has been home and decoration as I’ve been looking at my house and thinking it needs a make over.

Now for those of us living in the UK in our tiny expensive houses here is a fabulous blog LovingLivingSmall They have some great inspiration and ideas for those of us who live small and struggle to find space of everything.

For Shabby Chic at it’s best, check out Raphael Design the site is just gorgeous and there are some really lovely ideas.

Belle Vivir has the most beautiful site (I’m very jealous!) and she features chic beautiful homes and her shop is pretty awesome too.  Congratulations to her and her husband their baby news :).

Ohdeedoh has some brilliant ideas for Nurseries and Children’s spaces, if only my daughter’s room looked like this!


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Ladybird Prints

How cool is this?  You can now get the classic Ladybird illustrations as either a print, canvas or large print.  When I was a kid I was obsessed with my Cinderella book and this was my favourite illustration.

I must have drawn the blue Cinderella dress a hundred times when I was a kid, and 30 odd years later I still think that I should own that dress!.

They have all the classics which will look fabulous in nurserys or playrooms.   Check out the site at

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London Trip

So yesterday we had a ‘grown up’ day and went to London, mainly so we could go and see the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium (which was a great concert btw).

Here’s a shot of the stadium it was packed.

We were staying in Marylebone which turned out to have a Cath Kidston which had some really lovely girls working in there, very helpful and kind.  We walked past Jane Packer’s uber Florist shop which I just loved, here’s an example of her work:

Emma Bridgewater’s shop I was really looking forward to as I’d not been before, but the staff were very unfriendly and standoffish, so I think I’ll carry on going to John Lewis for bits and bobs from there.

Little White Company was just gorgeous and I bought Miss L a really beautifully embroidered linen nighty, which was a bit hit when I got home.

The hotel was Jury’s which was very boutique but the room was really plush, with excellent staff and centrally located and it wasn’t terribly expensive for a Central London hotel, I’d certainly recommend it and we’ll be going back again.

But we got into London at midday and we couldn’t check in until 2.30pm, so I dragged my long suffering lovely husband to see Sex in the City movie.  Bless him he really is a saint, Cath Kidston and Sex in the City in one weekend – what a man!!

Now I loved Sex in the City when it was on, I just adored it and I’ve been missing the girls.  But I’d not really seen much about the movie as I’ve been busy with sorting out the website.   My best friend in the US had e-mailed me after she’d seen it just saying ‘ I miss you!!’ and now I know why.

It was PERFECT!  I laughed, I cried (a lot!) and it’s stayed with me I really want to see it again and that’s the sign of a good film for me. If I can go through the endless nightmare that it is for us to get a babysitter so I can go and see a film I’ve already seen, then I know it’s good 🙂

Here are my thoughts  (*****SPOILERS******)

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Rain, Rain go away….

Ah the English Summer….it’s been raining here now for about a week and a half ::SIGH:: as a result my roses just seem to be rotting on the stems so I’ve had a great time picking all my roses and there are loads now round the house.

My favourite for scent has to be Madam Alfred Carrier – just a really powerful ‘old rose’ scent which is making the house smell delicious!

As much as I love my roses, I want summer back!!

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