I’m feeling a bit broke, what with saving for holiday money and trying to budget for the months ahead, shopping has kind of gone out of the window recently.  But I needed to get something to sort out our post mountain in the hallway (how we get so much is beyond me!)

So I thought I’d hit TX Maxx and see what they had.  Well for once it came up trumps, I can never find anything to wear there as they seem to only have things up to a 14.  But the homewear is normally pretty good, I get lots of white cotton sheets there which are always very well made.

But having a rummage I managed to find a ‘shabby chic’ post sorter for a whole £6, it’s great I’m really pleased with it and it looks lovely in the hallway.

And then I saw from the stairs the best thing ever!  Betty when she was a little she had a chew on my Coach purse I was given as a bridemaid present a couple of years ago (husband had left it in the kitchen for ‘safety’ – MEN!). Now I’m really picky about purses and it was just perfect less so when the handle was chewed off! and I was heartbroken that the dog had trashed it.  I’d looked online at replacing it, but they are about £150 which I really don’t have.

But from the stairs in TX Maxx I spotted a familiar handle, so I literally ran across the store and there was a Coach purse, slightly different colour and design but perfect for me and the best thing….it was £15 🙂

So I’m a very happy girl today 🙂

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