Proud Mummy!

So my lovely girl came home last week saying she’d won the ‘Singing Cup’.  I did the ususal ‘Of course you did, sweetheart’ not wanting to break her 5 year old heart.  But lo and behold look what my girl came home with…THE SINGING CUP!!!  She can’t remember the song she won it for, other than it come from Peter Pan – LOL!  I suspect that she harrassed them until they gave her the cup, but either way it’s her first trophy and she’s so proud and so is her Mummy 🙂

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I’m feeling a bit broke, what with saving for holiday money and trying to budget for the months ahead, shopping has kind of gone out of the window recently.  But I needed to get something to sort out our post mountain in the hallway (how we get so much is beyond me!)

So I thought I’d hit TX Maxx and see what they had.  Well for once it came up trumps, I can never find anything to wear there as they seem to only have things up to a 14.  But the homewear is normally pretty good, I get lots of white cotton sheets there which are always very well made.

But having a rummage I managed to find a ‘shabby chic’ post sorter for a whole £6, it’s great I’m really pleased with it and it looks lovely in the hallway.

And then I saw from the stairs the best thing ever!  Betty when she was a little she had a chew on my Coach purse I was given as a bridemaid present a couple of years ago (husband had left it in the kitchen for ‘safety’ – MEN!). Now I’m really picky about purses and it was just perfect less so when the handle was chewed off! and I was heartbroken that the dog had trashed it.  I’d looked online at replacing it, but they are about £150 which I really don’t have.

But from the stairs in TX Maxx I spotted a familiar handle, so I literally ran across the store and there was a Coach purse, slightly different colour and design but perfect for me and the best thing….it was £15 🙂

So I’m a very happy girl today 🙂

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Website Design

I’ve lost my mojo, I just can’t think of a thing to do with my friend Linda’s holistic therapy website.  I knocked up the last one from a template as I was short of time.  But I promised that once I finished work, I’d re-do it and now I just can’t seem to get it right.

It could be because I’m doing it on my Mac and I am used to doing websites in Windows, I just can’t seem to get on with iWeb, I think I might need to break out my old Dell and Sharepoint Designer….that said I can’t even decide if it should be blues or greens….used to be indescive and now I’m not so sure!! ARGGH!

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I know I’m flower obsessed at the moment, but here are the roses that I have planted in my garden over the last five years.

I’ve found all of these to be pretty low maintenance (with a toddler and full time job they had to be!)  I just trim them back in the autumn and they are beautiful come the next spring.  I never spray them, or give them food and they come back time and time again.  I’ll post some pictures from the garden when they bloom in June.

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Market Day

I’m a happy girl, as I’m still waiting for my garden peonies to come out I was delighted to find these for £2 a bunch at the market this morning.

I’ve been taking pictures of the garden like crazy today which I’ve just uploaded to my Flickr stream – check them out.

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It’s offically summer!! The sun is shining, baby birds seem to be everywhere in my garden and look what they had for the first time at the market….SWEETPEAS!!!  Love ’em!  I had to buy them, I’m such a flower sellers dream 🙂

Only another couple of months before they are in my garden – woo hoo!

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