I’ve just been reading Martha Stewart’s website and there is a new article on Peonies and how to grown them here. The picture below is from the article.  I think they are a wonderful plant and if you have a large garden like mine they are a godsend because they spread out every year and pack a good punch as they are such a large flower.

Mine are just starting to get to the point where they grow very quickly.

I have about 30 – 40 plants in cream, white, pink and red planted around the garden as I really like them as cut flowers in the house before the roses come into their own (secretly I prefer the Peonies, but don’t tell my over pampered roses that!!).


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  1. Hi Liz !
    Your garden sounds wonderful ! I hope you share some pictures of your roses when they are blooming…I love Marthas garden also…thank you so much for stoping by my blog…I will check on your roses soon !Hugs…Palmer