Guide me through the night

My lovely daughter has always been a lousy sleeper, in her first year she slept through exactly zero times…and the second and third year!  It’s a standing joke here, that it’s the reason we have one child! Literally I was awake for 3 years and there was no way I was having anymore until she was sleeping through, or I may have killed someone!

Ah the hilarious comments I got…

‘she’ll sleep when she can crawl’ – she was 5 months when she could crawl

‘she’ll sleep when she can walk’ – 6 months

‘she’ll sleep when she starts nursery’ – 12 month (still no sleep!)

‘she’ll sleep when she starts school 3 days’ – 3 years (still no bleeding sleep!!!)

Well full time school started last September and she’s better than she was before (2 nights out of 5), she’ll still seek me out in the night like a missile.  She just comes and sleeps with us now and as we bought a bigger bed I can safely say we’ve given up. 🙂

So as you can imagine I’ve been somewhat resentful of my lack of sleep for five years, especially when I have friends who say idiotic things like ‘well mine slept through from 6 weeks’ – I just want to slap them…hard!

BUT my gorgeous dear daughter said the other night as I was trying again to get her to sleep ‘Mummy, I need to you to guide me through the night, I can’t sleep without you’ and melted my heart.  So now she can sleep with me as much as she likes, my nights are running out as she grows and soon she won’t need me anymore and I’ll treasure every sleepless night.


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