Fallen in Love

We’ve been thinking for a while about emigrating to Canada mainly because of the exorbitant UK taxes, high cost of housing and collapsing education and health systems….oh I could go on!  The US is far too hard to get into, even with our education and experience.  So Canada seems to be a good combination of European sensibilities and the best parts of the US and they’d probably have us as we have 92 points :).

We’d been concentrating on Vancouver and the west coast which although has a better lifestyle than here the house prices etc are comparable.   Then I stumbled across and article on Nova Scotia and I think I’ve fallen in love.

Nova Scotia looks albeit from webcams, and photos just gorgeous.  The weather doesn’t look terrible and there seems to be a lot of employment there.  Lunenburg in particular which is a World Heritage site is beautiful, I need to have a visit!!  I’m almost wishing our July Vancouver trip was a dual location one now.

This house in particular has grabbed me, I keep telling myself it’s probably next to a main road, and under a flight path – bet it’s not though!  It’s also only £95,000 ::SIGH:: ….a *third* the price of my house and double the size.

Look it needs a tree lined drive!

And look even the inside is just perfect

But it’s made me consider other areas, and lifestyles so pretty yellow house, I thank you!

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  1. Thanks Pat I will do! Good to know that there is a lot of IT work as we are a geek household. I look forward to visiting your beautiful part of the world 🙂

  2. That is a pretty house. Very open and airy. Good luck in your hunt. What an exciting thought, to move so far.