3000 Houses…

So we knew it would happen one day, the fields behind our house have now come up for development. So the beautiful fields we back onto will soon be under 3000 houses.

The problem is that here in the UK there is no need for the developers or planners to build in a buffer or boundary between the old and new, so in theory they could build a house literally backing onto our fence – which has happened in other parts of our town. Also because of the amount of houses per acre (11 to 74!) most of the houses will be 3 story, a whole story taller than our house.

So we’ve put up an 7ft fence with a 1ft trellis and now I need to find some trees and shrubs which will give the end of our garden some privacy and hopefully block any views into our house.

Flowergardengirl has kindly suggested Emerald Green Arbrovites which look gorgeous and  I shall check out as I need to get something in there soon so they can get established as soon as possible.

I’m just sad that the deer, pheasants and all the other wildlife will be gone under concrete  🙁

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  1. Here I am! I just figured out the link thing duh. I’m new to blogging–forgive me. I didn’t even know there was a link from me to you. So now I see your fence and the field you spoke about. It is sad. This is going to take some creative thinking.

    I wonder if River Birches will grow in your area too. They grow fast and interesting winter branches and bark. Check our Evergreen Clematis for you zone to grow on the fence? Will Lady Banks Yellow Rose grow there? Deodora Cedar? Try not to buy all the same thing but buy in threes. That way, if an insect or blight of some kind likes a species—it won’t wipe out everything you have.

    A nice water feature will drown out some noise. You may be able to find advice from Shirley Bovshow or Edenmaker. I have a link to her from my site. You can ask her questions direct. She has a degree in design and post her ideas on her site. She has her own TV show. She has done a few shows on screening. Are you a member of Botanical.com? It’s a major gardening blog site and has some excellent free advice givers as well. Again, a link to them is on my site. I can’t remember if you are or not.

    Good luck to you. I know you hate to lose that view.

  2. Thanks Anna, I’ll have a look at all of those ideas!! Evergreen Clematis, I know grows well here as my Mum has one. Off to look at Blotanical now – thanks for all your help 🙂

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