End of the Holidays

I’ve had a great day, as I was making breakfast this morning a very pretty UK copy of Country Living came through the letter box. Lilacs are just beautiful and the picture on the front cover just made me feel all spring like this morning.

As we’re coming to the close of Miss L’s easter holidays, today we went on a mother and daughter shopping trip. Obviously we had to go to the Disney Store (goes without saying!), and then we went onto Ark which is a favourite for us both. They sell just the most gorgeous trinkets, Cath Kidston goodies and lots of other things you can buy ‘just because’.

Then I spotted a market stall called Nettie-B which had a selection of really pretty ‘shabby chic’ tea towels and bags, so I treated myself and my Mum to a tea towel each £3.50 each a complete bargain! I’ll be going back there next time I’m in Cambridge.

Then it was off to Baby Gap as two of our oldest friends are having a baby in July, and there were some gorgeous things in there. Summer babies are so lucky to have such pretty things, poor Miss L was bundled up for the first three months as it was so cold! In fact everything in there was so cute I came home and asked to have another baby, husband looked at me like I was mad and then pointed out we have the dog – fair point! 🙂

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