Audrey Caroline

I’m not religious but admire genuine people of faith (might not always agree with them!) but anyone who has the courage of their convictions is fine by me. I was humbled on a dark, desperate night five years ago when I learnt that if you know your baby is dying, you will pray to anyone who maybe listening for them to have mercy and save them. We were incredibly lucky to keep our daughter and I appreciate that every day.

I came across this blog – Bring the Rain – a couple of months ago and I cannot express how much I admire Angie and Todd, they have so much grace in dealing with the unthinkable. I know for a fact that I couldn’t be as strong and as serene as they have been. Their maternity photos are just beautiful and made me cry.

Read their story, they and their beautiful daughter Audrey have given me pause to think about some things differently. I wish Angie a speedy recovery from her physical pain, and I wish them nothing but the very best for the future.

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