It’s early and I’m thinking

Since spring started, our beloved Betty has been waking up at 5am ::SIGH::  Bless her, she can’t help it but it’s getting a bit much 🙁

Anyway if nothing else it’s giving me some thinking time to consider my future.  I finally finished at my old job last week and never one to let grass grow under my feet, I’m thinking about what to do next.

At the moment I’m torn, I worked out how much I’d need to earn if I went back to work full time and in Cambridge.  It’s the largest town near where we live and where all the IT work is concentrated.  Between having to buy and extra car and paying for more childcare for Miss L and tax, it was an amount I can’t possibly earn!

So I think I was right all those months ago to consider having my own business, I just can’t decide which route to go.  Online store, IT Tuition, Affiliate site – maybe all three to make ends meet?


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