I love violets, as you may have guessed from my blog title! As a child I was addicted to violet cremes which I could get at the old fashioned newsagents in my home town, and I was delighted to find them at the new chocolate shop which opened here a couple of years back.

However I really adore violet flowers, they are hard to find but heavenly when you do. Imagine my delight the first spring in this house when I was wandering in the garden and spotted not one type of violet but several I don’t know the name of any of them, but we have a large violet plant in the wooded part of our garden.


And these really beautiful white violets, which don’t have much scent but are really pretty.

white violets

But the plants pop up everywhere in the grass, in the boarders, in the wooded areas. They make me smile every year and for me really give me a sense that winter is over.

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5th Birthday

A bit late, but as I have lots of time on my hands now I can blog for England!

My baby girl turned 5 at the beginning of March, it seems literally moments ago from when I gave birth to her – scary! One of my friends made this beautiful cake for her and she had a wonderful time with her friends ‘recreating’ our house. How can 6 five year olds create such a mess? Anyway here is a picture of the cake, I was so pleased with it 🙂

Birthday Cake

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It’s early and I’m thinking

Since spring started, our beloved Betty has been waking up at 5am ::SIGH::  Bless her, she can’t help it but it’s getting a bit much 🙁

Anyway if nothing else it’s giving me some thinking time to consider my future.  I finally finished at my old job last week and never one to let grass grow under my feet, I’m thinking about what to do next.

At the moment I’m torn, I worked out how much I’d need to earn if I went back to work full time and in Cambridge.  It’s the largest town near where we live and where all the IT work is concentrated.  Between having to buy and extra car and paying for more childcare for Miss L and tax, it was an amount I can’t possibly earn!

So I think I was right all those months ago to consider having my own business, I just can’t decide which route to go.  Online store, IT Tuition, Affiliate site – maybe all three to make ends meet?


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Dentists are Evil

I have come to this conclusion in the 36 years I’ve been on this planet.  It started when I was 6 and I had the dentist from hell who insisted on filling every adult tooth as it came through as a ‘prevention’, not because he got paid for every treatment he did and my mother was stupid enough to let him – what was with 70’s parents!?!.

So last week I broke a tooth so as I don’t have an NHS Dentist and haven’t been for 15 years due to my all dentists are evil and will *always* find something to do to you to make money (dental hygienists confirm my theory, why do they exist?).  So I was a bit stuffed, I’d called all the local dentists who frankly all need to get new receptionists as without fail they were all utter bitches.  The reply I had from all of them was, if your not an NHS patient we’re not interested and we don’t treat emergencies privately, and from one receptionist “but if you’d like Botox we can accomodate you”….???

So doggedly with my jagged tooth that didn’t hurt but I was worried that I might do more damage to it, I broke the habit of a lifetime and called the ‘State’.  The Cambridge Emergency Dental Hotline….a lovely lady took my details and promise that someone would call me back.  3 hours later someone did…. A DOCTOR ….who was very kind but sounded bemused as to why he was calling me.  He pointed out in the first 30 seconds that he didn’t know much about teeth and that I should see a dentist…FFS!  I pointed out that I knew that which is why I’d called the Emergency Dental Hotline and not the out of hours doctor.  So he agreed that it was rubbish I couldn’t find a dentist and sorry he couldn’t do more and that was it – what a great use of NHS resources!

So in desperation I walked into one of the private dentists and begged for an appointment, and I got one for 4 days later (today) – hurrah!  So I saw a very nice dentist today, he took an x-ray (fancy computerised thing, I was impressed) then told me how much it would cost to fix….£720…..I nearly fainted.  Seriously in my head the worst I though it could be was £500, apparently it needs a root canal (the root looked fine on the x-ray not even touched), a post, a filling and then a crown.

This is where my natural suspicion of dentists kicked in, I’ve had broken teeth before they’ve file them and then fill them – job done.  So I’ve made another appointment so he’d temporarily fill it, I have no intention of going back though.  I’ve started shopping around for other prices from dentists.  By walking down the road I found one that’s about £200 cheaper, so now I’m going to phone around.  I’m also going to try to get on an NHS list somewhere and then at worst it’ll be £300 ish.

Now if I’m finding this hard how the hell does someone old, vulnerable or poor and in a lot of pain cope?  As usual in this country the alleged ‘one’ tier system doesn’t work or exist, you either have to live somewhere that you are catered to or pay a fortune.  So the moral of the story is don’t ever move so you don’t lose your dentist, even if he’s a psycho who wants to fill every tooth in your head!.

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Snowy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  We don’t often get snow in East Anglia so it was a treat to wake up to this today

Garden in the snow

Miss L was ecstatic to see the snow and we had to be outside as soon as we could, bless her she played in it all morning with Betty and Paul making snowmen.

Miss L and Betty making a snowman

They were very proud of the end result 🙂


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