Spring is springing

It’s been very mild here so far in February, and despite some harsh frosts the last couple of nights, my garden thinks it’s in late March.

My single cherry blossom tree has started to blossom already and it’s the 17th Feb – just amazing!

Blossom Tree

Due  to the lovely Betty, I’ve decided this year I’m not going to waste time and money on putting new plants in to the back garden.  She’s just going to dig them up or eat them…..in fact probably both!  So I’m concentrating on my front garden which needs some love and is actually a lot more manageable. Last year it looked like this:

Front garden

I hasten to add that the crappy fence on the right belongs to my neighbour and I can’t get rid of it, so one of my main issues is hiding the damn thing!   So on Thursday/Friday  this week, depending on the weather I’m going to dig out the boarders to 2m wide, to lessen the amount of grass and  move the roses and other plants that are being shaded by the oak and silver birch and no longer grow that well and then plant up my other roses, dahlia’s and sow my wild flower seeds.  I’ve left markers as to where my peonies are and I’m really hoping that I’ve got them all.  I don’t want to move any as they hate that and they are gorgeous when they bloom.

I have (I think!) about 8 roses to get into the front garden – as well as the ones that are already there!! Here are some of my blooms from last summer, I need to see these or I’d never dig the garden over again!

Garden Roses

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