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So I’m in bed ill with a cold and wondering if I have anything in the fridge to cook other than the apple pie I bought for tea last weekend. And I’m generally feeling sorry for myself!

Anyway I’ve decided to play ‘follow the blog’. This is my game when I get bored, I start off at a blog I like which always seems to be ‘Posie gets Cozy‘ ūüôā And then I follow one of her blog links and then from new blog another link and so on. It’s great fun, I have found some wonderful blogs by doing this and it keep my mind off the fact that my nose won’t stop running and I feel awful!

I wonder if I can get my husband to run to Waitrose for some pumpkin soup….and fresh bread…..


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Candle Fragrances

Now I’m giving up work, I’m thinking about how to fill the day.¬† I’m thinking I might make some candles for family and friends.¬† However I’m not sure what fragrances to use….if any?

I quite like florals – rose, gardina, sweetpea.¬† But I’m not sure whether to go for some linen, cotton or spice fragrances?

Thoughts?  What kind of candle frangrances do you like?

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Spring is on it’s way

It’s pretty chilly here at the moment, 2 degrees this morning ::BRRRR::

Anyway I picked these up at the market as I thought they were spring like and would replace all the Christmas decorations nicely as the house was looking quite bare

Spring flowers

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Time for a change

I’ve blogged about this over on GeekMum, but the big news is that I’ve resigned from my job! A bit scary, but I’ve decided that I’m really going to go for it and start my business. I’m going to try a few things and see which one takes off.

Betty is *still* growing she’s turning 5 months in the next couple of days and she’s now I hope almost full grown.¬† Here she is in her dog ‘nest’ as you can see she keeps eating her bed ::SIGH::.

Betty sleeping


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