It’s been a while..

Sorry for not having updated this blog for ages, but life has been manic.  We’ve had the whole end of term Christmas fun including my daughter’s first nativity play, which was lovely.  Here is the Christmas Tree that was in the Cathedral, it was totally amazing.

Betty is now a very large puppy, I can’t believe she was ever as small as the picture further down.  She’s now 4 months old and looks like this:

And last and not least, work has been a busy nightmare.  In fact it got to the point last Thursday where I realised I hadn’t slept properly for about 3 weeks and it was 4am and I was up worrying about work stuff that I no longer have any control over, so I decided it was time to quit!.

Friday I resigned…..and now I’m wondering what the hell to do with myself?  My last day is the 8th Feb (just in time for half term and my birthday!)  so I think I’m going to think through how I can work for myself rather than for someone else. I need flexibility for school and child emergencies, but I don’t have enough startup money for a shop – other than online.

So I’m off to brain storm and finish my friend Amanda’s cupcake store website, she makes the best cakes and cookies! Check out her Fickr Album here

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  1. I love the photo of the tree in the Cathedral, and I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this image on my Christmas card that will privately go out to about 120 addresses. If you’re okay with this, I will credit the photo back to the Violet Posy blog.