Apple Festival

Apple Festival is probably one of the highlights of the year in my small town. It always seems to be on a sunny, late autumn day with crisp cool air which encourages you to buy a hot apple drink and eat a hog roast (not that we ever need an excuse for that!).

Here are some pictures of today’s Apple Fair.

Cathdral and Apple Fair

Pumpkins at the Apple Fair

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Harvest Festival

I think October is my favourite month. I love Halloween, Apple Fair, Pumpkin pie and soup, and the brilliant jewel colours the trees change into.

I went to my local Cathedral’s harvest festival yesterday as my daughter harvest festival box was on show (and we’d spent ages on it). They had this really lovely Union Jack flag made out of veggies, which I thought was really cute.Union Veggies

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Life with the puppy

So far I have been awake for 4 nights in a row, the house is a mess and I should have invested in a kitchen roll company!  But we are almost starting to enjoy life with Betty!  I’ve spent more time in my garden this week, than I have in the 4 years we’ve lived here

Here is a picture of the last of my dahlia’s


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Shop Rental

So one of the ideas I originally had was to open a store in my local town and sell children’s clothes and baby goods.  We are miles from any decent shopping and I know as a Mum there is nowhere to even buy a pretty party outfit.

So coming back from lunch I saw a very small store had a ‘to let’ sign out the front of it, I thought it was fate as I’d decided yesterday to resign from my job at Christmas! Anyway the lady gave me a flyer and when I got back to the office I worked out how much it would be….14.5k for 645sq feet and half of that was upstairs storage!!! FFS!  The rent wasn’t that bad at 6.5k plus VAT  but there were so many ‘extras’ like a 5k deposit and it went on and on.

So pretty much that is out, I don’t have that kind of money and for location and the tiny size of it, it really wasn’t worth it.  imagine how much business  you could do with google ad words for 14.5k 🙂

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